Even the smallest gesture of kindness can have a significant impact on someone’s life. You can activate your heart by:



    1. MES is an organisation with in excess of 30 years’ experience in development work.
    2. Our board of directors implements and maintains a high-standard of corporate governance.
    3. All required registrations are in place and includes Section 18A registration, which provides a tax benefit to donors.
    4. We continuously develop and implement monitoring and evaluation The latest edition is our centralised database system.
    5. B-BBEE benefits: MES offers an 18A Tax Certificate for all financial contributions received from a donor.
    6. Become a Nation Builder by contributing towards MES. The Nation Builder status has been afforded to a few select organisations – of which MES is one – making this a symbol that portrays excellence in the not-for-profit and socio-economic development sector. The vision of the Nation Builder campaign is for the icon to become nationally recognised in all sectors, symbolising South Africans uniting to bring positive change to our country – ‘Building Tomorrow Today’. Your organisation can become part of this movement where South Africans build a nation by collaborating with accredited Nation Builder organisations that are bringing about change for a better future and a thriving nation.
    7. MES has a varied donor base with partners ranging from government, the corporate sector and foreign sponsors to individuals and churches.
    8. MES applies a holistic approach that focuses on three core phases: Prevention and intake (when identified), intervention (to effect change) and a sustainable exit (to ensure a future responsible lifestyle).
    9. We strive to deliver professional and quality services in the most cost-effective
    10. MES has initiated a separate trust fund, the Khula Sustainability Trust that provides the organisation with a sustainable income from the proceeds covering at least 10% of the operational budget over the long term.
    11. MES’s dedicated personnel are filled with compassion and seek to find creative ways to make hope a possibility.