As you may know, MES is one of only 15 NPOs in South Africa that has been selected to be a beneficiary of the Nation Builder initiative. Nation Builder is an initiative that recognises the powerful role business plays in shaping the future of our country, and aims to support and empower businesses to have the greatest impact on our nation through good social investment.Nation Builder has developed a number of quality resources for its members, including a free online Good Giving Benchmarking self-assessment to enable South African businesses to review their CSI commitments, assess their social impact and support them in their good giving journey.As a very valuable partner in supporting our work, we want to encourage your company to sign up as a Nation Builder member. Not only will your business benefit from the free resources and CSI toolkits as well as use of the brand but, in addition, Nation Builder has also agreed to direct 100% of all membership fees amongst the 15 selected NPOs and you will therefore have the option to select (us) as a beneficiary of your registration fee*.We hope that this opportunity is one that will be of huge value to yourselves – both to your business and to the people that you support through your partnership with us. We believe that companies like yourselves – no matter how big or small – are among those that will be leading the change we want to see in our country.Thank you for your incredible support. Together we can bless and build this nation for generations to come.*(The nominal membership fees range between R5000 and R15000 annually.)

Important information:

The Nation Builder Story

The Good Giving Journey

The Nation Builder NPO Starter Kit