Kempton Park Central is an area in the inner city of Kempton Park. It has increasingly been faced with the challenges of poverty. There is an estimated 800 homeless people living and working on the streets. Many sleep under bridges and there has been an increase in prostitution, begging and crime. Affordable accommodation is not available, there are no overnight shelter facilities and illegal backyard rental accommodation has increased. The circumstances in which these people have to stay in is horrendous, with cases of people having to pay rent to stay in Zozo huts and caravans. Slumlords are also exploiting the poor with homes being rented out to as many as 30 people. Intervention and support programmes are needed for these families that live mainly in rooms around the inner city. There is a big need to reach out to the children in these families as they do not have the opportunity to attend proper pre-schools or after-school centres. Hunger is another challenge that faces the poor of the inner city of Kempton Park and the need for drop in centres with intervention programmes e.g. distribution of meals, food parcels and programmes focussed on breaking the cycle of poverty has increased.

MES Kempton Park believes in a space where hope is possible, where values and norms are nurtured, where the disempowered are empowered, where human potential is developed and where dignity is restored. The branch provides services regardless of age, religion or sexual orientation.

The branch currently falls under the MES NPC registration and has its own advisory board and bank accounts.


The services rendered to our client Focus Groups include a holistic approach of prevention, intake and intervention leading to a sustainable exit for each individual.  At present MES Kempton Park focuses on learners (6 – 13), youth and adults at risk (18 – 59) and families at risk. Moreover, includes social support services and enterprise projects.  MES Kempton Park believes in the importance to break a culture of “hand-outs” and we work closely with our clients to help them to pay for the needs they have. This restores dignity and self-worth.


GROW Job and Life Skills Rehabilitation Programme

This project provides access to job and life rehabilitation programmes. The target audience is the homeless and vulnerable community of Kempton Park, primarily staying in our shelter. Daily workshops and enrichment programmes are hosted, together with the provision of cash in hand job opportunities. Social Work services facilitates workshops which include life skills, substance abuse support and job readiness.

In the end the programme changes unemployable and desperate individuals into employable individuals that can be placed into suitable jobs, so that they can reintegrate back into society.

 Stay-inn Shelter:

Providing accommodation to homeless men (Capacity: 65). This facility serves as a full time shelter for homeless individuals between the ages of 18 – 59 and provide three meals per day for each beneficiary.

Food Parcel Project (Nutrition):

Providing food parcels to 55 underprivileged households with their children. 

Outreaches and Enrichment programmes:

Regular outreaches and enrichment programmes take place with the clients that attend our different projects. Weekly shelter outreaches take place as well as annual Winter HOPE and Christmas outreaches. We are also taking hands with various churches and Inner City Ministry to achieve our goal, as well as have various volunteer groups that assist us with the spiritual enrichment activities.

Clothing Bank (Social Work)

Providing clothes to the poor and needy that are identified through our various projects. Clothes are also provided if an urgent need is identified in other organisations and churches. Assistance is also given in the case of a disaster e.g. floods, fire, etc.


Recycling Project

Started in 2015, the Recycling Project forms part of the GROW (God Restore Our World) Job and Life Rehabilitation programme, enabling the branch to create a sustainable income for its operations. Only shelter clients take part in our recycling programme. The recycling project has grown to being fully sustainable, as the income generated from the tons of the materials sold is used partially for operation costs and  to remunerate the clients who work on the project. 

Clothing bank

Clothing BankMonthly Jumble Sale: Selling of second hand clothing

MES Kempton Park realises the need for clothing among our most vulnerable and homeless community as the basic need for humankind since 2010. Through the monthly jumble Sale from our Clothing Bank, the branch aim to sell second hand clothing collected in the inner city and those received through donations. Apart from restoring their dignity, selling these clothing items to our clients at very low prices will help them navigate through both the cold and hot weather conditions. 


Helena van Blerk
Helena van Blerk Branch Manager
Thelma Ratlou
Thelma RatlouSocial Worker
Luwanda Conco
Luwanda Conco Fundraiser and Marketer
William Hills
William Hills GROW Programme Manager
Portia Mashatola
Portia MashatolaSocial Auxiliary Worker
Steven Gobingca
Steven GobingcaShelter Supervisor
Tshepo Baloyi
Tshepo BaloyiSecurity Guard
Isaac Nkila
Isaac NkilaKitchen Administrator
Mary Ellerbeck
Mary EllerbeckProfessional Nurse