What we Do

At MES, we are committed to empowering and developing pre-school children. We believe that every child deserves a safe space where they can learn and grow, and we are dedicated to creating such an environment. With our focus on holistic health and education, we aspire to help these children reach their full potential. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that all of our grade R graduates are fully equipped to take on the challenges of primary school. Through our work, we strive to make a positive impact on the communities we serve by addressing complex social issues.

Pre-Schoolers: 4-Phase Model

Access to education for young children in South Africa is significantly influenced by the socio-economic status of their households, with those from poorer backgrounds being less likely to participate in educational activities. MES’s early childhood development centres (ECDs) in Hillbrow and Fleurhof, Johannesburg, aim to counteract this by providing access to quality education and developmental support for children aged six months to six years from impoverished, overpopulated inner-city communities.

Through a comprehensive curriculum and a range of supportive services, these ECDs strive to ensure that all children, regardless of their socio-economic background, have the opportunity to achieve their developmental milestones and have a strong foundation for their future education.

Children participated in dance classes

% of children with healthy MUCA/BMI
Number of children passed Gr. R
Number of children in ECD centres
Number of meals served
Number of children with access to computer training

Our Goal

Our aim at MES is to provide safe and comprehensive education to pre-school children, allowing them to develop holistically healthy habits and reach their full potential.

We strive for 100% school readiness for Grade R graduates and seek to address complex social issues in the communities we serve.

Get Involved

  • Sponsoring children who cannot afford the crèche fees.
  • Sponsoring a therapist who will provide counselling services to the three crèches.
  • Helping us equip our crèches with new computers & equipment.

Contact: engage@mes.org.za

Story of Grace

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