Giving a helping hand to the destitute in this time of uncertainty amid Covid-19 pandemic could be deemed one and most difficult task to do. But, for some individuals at MES Cape Town, this has been a calling to keep safe and protect the most vulnerable people of the country.

Currently, MES Cape Town has more than fifty volunteers, who have been at the forefront of serving more than 1000 meals provided daily to homeless people at Safe Space shelter and those still living in the streets. As for this mammoth task would be impossible without the volunteers who help us cook, clean, and serve every single day!

Caroline Pule a medical scientist and an aspiring philanthropist, who has been a godsend volunteer says that, being part of the MES volunteer team has been humbling and meaningful in many ways. According to Pule, serving the destitute is a such a priceless blessing.

“As I never thought I would be brave enough to volunteer especially during COVID-19 pandemic battle, with the knowledge of how serious the disease is. But I’ve learnt a lot about what it means to have a heart of service, to be selfless and care about the health and well-being of others.We ensure we practice good hygiene and take the WHO precaution measures to safeguard ourselves and those we serve,” beamed Pule in a video interview.

On Monday the 20th of April 2020, MES Cape Town assisted the City of Cape Town in placing over 125 homeless people into a safe space provided by the city. Each person’s temperature was taken and received a pack including a mask, hand sanitizer and something to eat.

While Cape Town has recently been declared the epicenter of the virus, another volunteer who opted to remain anonymous said that, volunteering has helped him develop kindness for needy people.

“For the first two weeks serving food was like swimming upstream. We shouted orders, enforced lines and attempted social distancing. We knew we were not succeeding and often panicked. Then I saw a photo of children sitting in lines. We implemented it and relief work became easier,” said anonymous.

As for anonymous, Covid-19 has left a trail of untold experiences – getting to discover stories of homeless people. This has also taught anonymous about the mighty power of God in valuing His people.