The lockdown period has given our MES Port Elizabeth beneficiaries a chance to belong and to be part of a family. With the support from the surrounding communities and donors, lifes continue to be changed for the better and the people are taking an active interest in improving themselves, even after the lockdown period.

According to branch manager, Theresa Jaquire, MES Port Elizabeth has been a hive of activity throughout the Lockdown period as the homeless clients have been keeping busy with various activities at the shelter and taking part in spiritual enrichment sessions empowering each other.

“Most of our beneficiaries have embraced this lockdown period with such positivity; they have started taking part in activities they have never done before. Some are reading, others are doing beadwork, some are undertaking needlework and making their own masks and others are playing games. All of these activities might seem like small things for you and I, but they are huge milestones for our beneficiaries, as they are unearthing potentials they never knew they had and they are also developing new hobbies that might help them create better lives after this lockdown period. We thank all our donors and supporters for your unwavering support towards MES,” said Jaquire.

Having an experienced auxiliary nurse as a shelter client has also been a huge help in ensuring that we have a first respondent in the shelter, as he graciously helps with taking care of both beneficiaries and staff.

As Covid-19 endemic continues to ravage the world and the people needing food increases, MES Port Elizabeth has been committed to providing nutritious meals three times a day to all the beneficiaries to boosting their immune system.